Answers to questions we're asked frequently

Question: How can I get a referral to another doctor? How long does it take?
Answer: In most cases the doctor must examine the patient in order to provide a referral. Referrals may take up to three business days, so please plan ahead in making your appointment.

Question: How should I prepare for my physical exam?
Answer: Since a physical exam will require blood testing, do not eat solid foods after midnight before your appointment. Also, if your physical will include an EKG, do not use skin moisturizers or emollients, as these will prevent the EKG pads from sticking to your skin.

Question: Will my insurance plan reimburse me for my annual physical?
Answer: All health plans vary. Be sure to ask your benefits manager where you work or consult your insurance company to be certain. In general, you must wait 12 months after your last physical to schedule a new annual physical.

Question: I have questions about the Medicare program, where can I find answers?
Answer: The Medicare program is very detailed. The government provides a Medicare website where you can find answers to your questions. You will find a link to this and other healthcare-related sites on our Helpful Links page.